Honstek G9 Gaming Headset LED Vibration Over-ear Headphones with Microphone for PC

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  • A Headset for Gamers
  • Distinctive Look
  • Multi-device Compatibility
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Product Description

A Headset for Gamers
LED Lighting and vibration unit provide gamers the most realistic gaming experience. 

360°rotation adjustable Microphone and 2.20 meters headphone extension cable makes it easy and convenient to use.

Advanced 50mm large driver technology promises you excellent bass, real and natural sound quality and perfect sense of hearing.

Distinctive Look
With ergonomically designed head pad and soft ear-pads, G9 headphones is very comfortable for long time wear especially for the people who love playing PC games.

Multi-device Compatibility
Highly versatile 3.5mm jack can directly work with devices such as laptop, PC computer or mobile phones, MP3 and mobile/tablet 

and also can connect to PS4, Mac and the Xbox One controller only with an headset adapter .

With considerate after-sale service, this gaming headset will cover under 6 months warranty. Once the problem has been confirmed, there are relevant solutions provided, such as return, replacement, refund, compensation and so on.

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Black, Black/Silver, Black/White

4 reviews for Honstek G9 Gaming Headset LED Vibration Over-ear Headphones with Microphone for PC

  1. 5 out of 5


    I can wear these for hours and hours at a time and my ears never hurt and it doesn’t feel heavy either. I don’t hesitate to leave the mic on open mic when playing games because it’s sensitive enough to pick up your voice when you talk but it’s good because it doesn’t pick up all your breathing or other people’s voices talking around you.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I like the iron man style : ) I play a lot of games after work on my computer. The headset is perfect for me.
    The sticking out speaker allows me to talk with my teammate players clearly. The sound effect is amazing.
    As you know, BGM is important in gaming. The headset provides a really vivid sound track, making me really passionate
    about the gaming.
    Like it.I would recommend it to my friends.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This is one great headphone! no problem installing, just plug it into your PC’s free USB, it pretty much does the rest. last comment. I had never experienced 7.1. I was truly impressed with this products amazing sound and comfort the headphone provides. its a thumb up on this purchase.

  4. 5 out of 5


    This is a good bang for the buck product. I am using this headset on my Xbox One. I don’t use the led light because I don’t have a USB port that reaches the cord because it is hooked up to the controller. One thing that I do not like about this headset is that you cannot move the microphone closer or farther away from your mouth. It is at a fixed position, but it can move up and down. Overall this product is good for its price.

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